Guitar Dojo - Ear Training 101

Guitar Dojo - Ear Training 101

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Why bother practicing ear training? Simply put - being able to hear the differences and intervals between notes is essential to becoming a better player of music. It allows you to interpret music faster, identify chords faster, and transcribe "by ear".

Wouldn't you like to be able to:

- identify chords quickly and easily?

- impress your friends with your "killer ear"? 

- transcribe music more easily?

- more easily identify chords in songs so you know what chord tones and scale types you can use to solo over the changes? 

This "Ear Training" 101 course is for learning your major scale intervals, triads and 7th chords.

It is a complete course to take you from simply identifying single intervals to hearing and recognizing complete chords both simple and complex. 

After purchase you will be emailed instructions on how to log into the app to access your course! 

Bonus - includes The Free Fretboard Infinity Loop Foundations Lesson to improve your soloing/improvisation skills! Learn how to solo like a pro!