Basic Music Theory for Guitarists: The Plain English Guide for Beginner to Intermediate Guitar Players - (pdf)

Basic Music Theory for Guitarists: The Plain English Guide for Beginner to Intermediate Guitar Players - (pdf)

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Do you Really Need to Know Theory to be a Good Musician?

Do you need to be able to read music to play guitar? These are some of the first questions I’m usually asked as a guitar teacher. Over my 25+ year career as a musician and guitar teacher, I have come across many guitarists who cannot read a single note of music or tell you a major triad from a min7flat5 chord. In fact - I think it’s one of the most hotly debated topics in guitar playing circles anywhere around the world, certainly in the online space. I say relax!  Which person is a better player? That’s a 100% subjective judgement and it’s not for me to decide.

But I can teach you all the basics you need to know to be musically literate, right here in this simple book.

•  Would you like a music theory book that doesn’t use complicated language?

•  Are you sick and tired of music theory being taught for guitarists in a way that is optimized for keyboard/piano players?

•  Do you want to discover creative guitar soloing and songwriting secrets?

•  Do you want to understand & use guitar scales, chords and modes more fully?

•  Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about groove, rhythm and the fundamentals of what makes music exciting and fun?

•  Want to know the one secret that will change everything you thought you knew about the guitar and cut your learning           time to a fraction of what you thought it would take?   

Inside you’ll learn:

•. How to construct and when to use the major and minor guitar scales and modes

•  How to harmonize a scale and use chords to write songs

•. A simple guide to naming chords

•. A breakdown of every important type of chord

•. How to write chord progressions like the pros

•. Advanced chord and scale formulas to truly take your playing outside the box

•. Discover the secret of pentatonic scales you can use right now to create rich-sounding solos that’ll amaze your friends

…and much more!

Includes Bonus FREE Ear Training Course - Designed so you can learn and know the difference between a minor 2nd and a Major 6th as well as be able to know and hear the differences between all triads and most relevant 7th chord types!


Learn guitar theory… then use it!

There is so much information available these days it's hard to know what's important when it comes to applying music theory to the guitar. This book has been designed, by a trained musician, teacher and experienced guitar player to take you on a journey from the complete basics through to complex, advanced musical ideas, all while keeping it simple and fun!

If you’re ready for a journey to better musical understanding and practical application of music theory on guitar…then click the buy button Right now!