1 Hour 1:1 Lesson

1 Hour 1:1 Lesson

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1 full hour of 1:1 time with Nick

Your lesson can cover theory, technique, song-writing, single string or multi-string soloing/improvisation, rhythm guitar, chords/triads/inversions, arpeggio work, rock/pop/jazz voicings, music school audition prep, work on a performance piece, songwriting, arranging, ear training, music theory, etc. etc. etc. 

No complete beginner level lessons offered a this time. I only accept intermediate to advanced students.

  • Can you hold your guitar?
  • Can you play a song or two?
  • Do you know your basic chords and can play through a couple songs?
  • Can you play at least the minor pentatonic scale?
  • Then you're at a level where we can work together!

Once purchased - send an email to nick@guitardojo.ca to arrange a meeting time via Zoom. I am currently looking to fill time slots on Saturdays MST 9-5pm and Wednesday Evenings from 6-8pm. 

You will also receive a recorded version of your session and any notes/tabs/transcripts that may be necessary for post lesson study.

I'm currently only accepting a total of 10 students, so get in while you can! 

Current pricing is for single lessons - but I am looking for longer term students (3month commitment) In which case a 20% discount will be offered. (email for details and discount code)