What it's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Happy Thanks giving to all my Canadian friends!

To you folks in the US and elsewhere I know this is likely confusing, but we do things a bit different here in Canada.

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with friends/family and enjoy the cozy warmth of our igloos, and go porthole to porthole singing songs by The Guess Who or Bryan Adams and then enjoying some braised moose meat stew while drinking Molson Canadian and reminiscing about times past.

And of course we can't forget the head of the household donning the ceremonial beaver pelt hat to tell the story of the first thanksgiving.It's an enjoyable holiday and a wonderful time to break out the acoustic guitar to sing some songs fireside - if you're into that sort of thing.

Continuing on with the theme of last week's "one note solo" today's lick is a bit longer but still, easy to play.

The song is "What it's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. A song that I always associate with Thanksgiving...at least since the mid nineties after Forest Gump came out and it would be on high rotation on Canadian cable TV - especially during holidays like Thanksgiving.
Anyway - the first series of notes are all played as harmonics - hence the < 12 >.

To play that you simple pluck the string as you normally would, but instead of playing the note with your finger depressing the string, you simple just touch the string above the fret wire itself and it creates a "bell like" tone. Then the second half is a very blues inspired fill/counter melody played on guitar by Richie Furray.

There are a few bends and a couple anticipated and syncopated notes, but because of the slow tempo - this is a solo that easily fits into the groove and can easily be mastered even by beginners! Give it a try!

As always - downloadable pdf tab and playback guitar pro file is included in the DropBox for Fretboard Infinity Loop Customers. 

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