The Girl from Ipenema...kinda...

Today's article comes just in time as I am releasing a video soon entitled "How to fake it till you make it with fingerstyle guitar".

In that video I briefly touch on one of my favourite genres of music, or "flavours of jazz" more specifically - Bossa Nova.

In the video I will talk about Black Orpheus, one of the more popular Bossa Nova tunes ever.

But perhaps even more famous, certainly the most recorded piece possibly in history, is The Girl from Ipenema. That tune is where we get our inspiration for this week's lick. (guitar pro files and downloadable pdf of course is available as bonus material to Fretboard Infinity Loop Course members and is now available in the private Drop Box) see the chart below...

This is more about chords and playing with your thumb! It's a "rhythm workout" but don't get too stressed - it's actaully really easy and fun!

For the most authentic sound, get rid of your pick and use your thumb and fingers. Thumb will pluck the 5th and 6th strings and the index, middle and ring fingers will attack the harmony on the fourth, thrid and secone strings. This has some gorgeous voice-leading and lots of swaying syncopation. This groove is perfect for test-driving a nylong string at your local music shop, or really test-driving the "bossa style" all together.

If you can't read rhythm notation - fear not just head to youtube and find "The Girl from Ipenema" and emulate the rhythm you hear using the chords as outlined below.


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