Syncopation is fun!

This is a great lick, originally for bass - but the syncopation is such that it's a great rhythm exercise for guitarists as well! 

So put on a metronome and play along - see how fast you can get it and still make it groove! 

Obviously, it's probably a bit slower in actuality than 120bpm, but not by much.

The other fun thing about this lick is you can use it for finger dexterity practice - it's simple enough that you can move it to different keys and positions to work on your finger dexterity as well as your timing!

Give it a try and as always - the printable tab and guitar pro file are available in the dropbox for Fretboard Infinity Loop Memebers! 

Not a member yet? Email me at and I'll get you sorted! It's affordable, and it's lifetime and it will change your playing FOREVER! 

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