Portable minor 7 Arpeggio

This is a great "portable" arpeggio pattern, based here in Gm7 (G minor 7) Essentially we are playing the notes from the chord and stretching them out and playing them "arpeggiated" which is to say- separately.

What I mean by portable is now that you know this pattern - you can move it to work with any other Xm7 chord (where X represents whatever note you'd like).

To do so - simply move the last note - G - (in this case the 5th fret of the B string) to whatever target note you want and then this pattern will work over that Xm7 chord shape. (the secret of course you just need to know the notes along the B string!)

Example - to play this over an Am7, simply shift the whole pattern up 3 frets, such that the last note ends on 7th fret rather than the 5th.

You can expand from this as well - if you know the notes outlined here are your target notes, you can begin to weave melodies around these notes and this shape!

(printable pdf and the guitar pro file are both available in the dropbox for Guitar Dojo App/Fretboard Infinity Loop members)


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