m7 Chords don't have to Freak you OuT!

This is a very simple little lick.

At first bounce, it'll probably feel and maybe even look like a "standard blues" or "pentatonic" lick - and it kind of is, but not quite.

This exmaple plays over a two-octave span of a Gm7 and we add a flat to enhance this. Of course you can play this line (or variations of it) over any m7 chord...and I would encourage you to move it around, just as it is, to other keys to get a feel and "taste" for it.

But more importantly to expand your palette and your playing/fingering possiblities - move this pattern into the other 4 fingering variations of the "standard pentatonic" position that you are used to!

As usual a printable pdf and the guitar pro files can be found in the dropbox folder for Fretboard Infintiy Loop System students.

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