Lick of the week - capos part 2

Last week, the week focused on a cool and simple lick for use with a capo.

Today - we're looking at a continuation of that same idea.

This time move your capo to the 2nd fret and we'll see another take on an A, D, and E progression.

In bar 1 we hear a shimmery Dmaj7 sound. In bar 2, the open strings offer a subtle add4 harmony.

This type of effect adds a "harp like" effect to your guitar! With practice, you'll find yourself creating colourful guitar arrangements using just a capo and the simple fingerings you already know! Remember to play all the "2"s as open strings (because of the capo)

Remember I do offer 1:1 lessons if you need help with any of this. BUT if you don't have quite enough time for a full 1 hour session, or maybe your schedule is extremely hectic I offer video coaching - where for less than half the cost of a live 1:1 session, you can send me a short video of your playing and your question/problem, and I'll create a custom video breakdown of how to fix your issue and give you a gameplan to move forward- all within 24 hours! 

As always, the downloadable pdf and guitar pro files for today's exercise (and many many more) are available in the dropbox folder for Fretboard Infinity Loop customers!

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