Lick of the Week - betcha can't play this!

This is a Bach inspired "baroque style" lick - but don't let that fool you. This is anything but "stuffy", especially if you turn up your gain and play it with a loud, distorted guitar. It just sounds cool!

A bit like Yngwie Malmsteen!

This is actually taken from an Iron Maiden song called "Flash of the Blade".

The recording is very fast, but I like this even at slower tempos. And as a great way to practice moving between scale positions. (the movement back and forth between modal fingerings) It is all straight 8th notes so it's very effective at working on alternate picking and should be practiced with a metronome to help lock in your timing.

The final run is simply a descending pattern in quarter note triplets and is very pleasant sounding.

Have fun!

As always the guitar pro file and downloadable pdf is available to members in the Drop Box folder. And for those of you with Volley community access - feel free to post your take on it, or ping me if you need help!


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