I'll wait for you there...

One of the greatest rock and roll triumphs is Chris Cornell's pheonix like rise after the demise of Sound Garden.

Equally important is the same rise of Tom Morello after the parting of ways with Rage Against the Machine.

Like a Stone was probably the first single that I heard from Audio Slave that I really paid attention to.

The complely stripped-down production and the heart-wrenching wail of Cornell combined with Morello's signature "weird guitar stuff" make this song a super fun song to listen to.

For the guitar learner (which should be most, if not all of you) - I've included a brief transcription of the introduction melody on guitar. The reason for this is to help outline the "Aeolian" (Natural minor) sound. I think most of us are fairly familiar with the sound of minor vs. major, but sometimes with jumping melodic movements it's harder to point out.

Ear training aside - this is just a fun riff from a great song!


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