I wanna be sedated!

Ah....the one note solo. I'm not a fan of these types of solos in Jazz, Rock or Blues, or just in general.

However, there is something charming about this "solo" (if you can call it that) that really fits melodically in this song and fits the "spirit" of what the Ramones were all about.

Make no mistake - these guys were genius song-writers and marketers back in the days before the internet where there were no chat groups or FB to get advice from other musicians - they were true originals in everything they did.This solo is so simple to play, I often give it to complete first time players just as a chance to have them feel what it's like to play over changes.

You see - the genius of this solo isn't in the notes that are played (there's really only one after all) but the relationship that note has to the underlying powerchords that happen underneath it!

Anyway - give it a shot - it's very easy and you can play this version of it by simply playing the open E string and plucking your pick up and down playing eigth notes counting "one and two and three and four" and it will sound great in any variation that you can throw at it.

For context see if you can find a backing track for "Sedated" on youtube, or simply play some power chords (as listed) into a looper then play this over top.As always the guitar pro file, and printable pdf is in the dropbox for Fretboard Infinity Loop customers. (not sure what that is? Email me)Keep shreddin!

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