GIT Dropped-D String Skipping Exercise

I'm very blessed that I was able to attend Berklee College of Music...but of course, even after attending such a prestigious school..."the grass is always greener". Part of me wished I had done a bit more research and attended GIT in LA instead.

Be that as it may, this week's exercise is stolen from their curriculum. I was shown this by a good friend of mine some years ago, who happened to attend GIT and is now a full-time studio musician working for hollywood.

I thought it would be fun to share it with you!

This is a moody riff from the "heavy rock" course - it combines dropped-D tuning with picked arpeggios and a moving bass line. It's a bit of a challenge to keep a rock-steady eigth-note pulse while skipping strings at first, so keep repeating this slowly until you get it locked in. I highly recommend practicing with a metronome with this one! It sounds especially cool a bit faster than notated. (but you gotta get it locked in first)

To add some flavour - try adding a flanger on a slow sweep setting!


*of course app/course members get access to the dropbox to download print-friendly pdfs and guitar pro files for this and all other lessons available! 

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