Chick Corea Spain and Syncopation Practice

Since Monday was a holiday and I didn't put out a L.O.W. - I'll do it now!

This is a cool one.

The song is "Spain" by Chick Corea.

It's sounds like it's in a funny time signature but it's actually just in 4/4!

The melody and fingering isn't all that difficult, but the thing that makes this tricky is the syncopation. (the pauses and starts).

It's best if you can try and count this one out but if you're just not sure give it a listen (I'm sure it's available on spotify/youtube/itunes etc etc)

Then give it a try. Your melody playing and solos will thank you for spending time internalizing this type of syncopation - try it out for yourself!

...and as always the pdf and guitar pro files are downloadable in the drop box for members! 

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